Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

What is the Best Backrest for Reading in Bed in 2023: Back Support for Bed Sitting Review

Best backrest for reading in bed is the best option for book lovers. They are a unique accessory that provides lumbar support and comfort to the user. You can find backrests for reading in different styles such as solid colors, with patterns or even personalized with comic characters to liven up your reading.

Reading a good book before going to sleep can be very pleasant, entertaining and an effective way to fall asleep and have a pleasant rest. However, all this has one big drawback: discomfort. Reading in an awkward position can increase the strain on your arms, back, shoulders, and can even lead to eye strain. And this makes many people, especially children, experience a rejection of reading.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the best backrest for reading in bed that facilitates our reading habits before bed. Putting a pillow on our back is not enough, we must turn to specialized products that provide us with comfort and improve our posture without causing unnecessary pain.


What is a Reading Backrest or Reading Pillow?

They are backrests specially designed to read a book, watch television or sit on the bed in a comfortable and ergonomic way. A good reading backrest will prevent the unhealthy and uncomfortable habit of piling pillows on the headboard of the bed. Triangular pillows tend to lose their shape with this practice. This reduces their useful life and can cause not only lower back pain, but also neck pain and injuries.

Various Types of Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

The reading backrest is one of the accessories most demanded by consumers. Its design, dimensions and size are adapted to provide support to the lower back and help the user maintain a correct position during long reading sessions, to enjoy a marathon of series or for working in bed, sitting comfortably on the floor, for nursing mothers and much more.

Bed Reading Backrest: Who is It Recommended for?

These types of accessories for reading in bed are designed for any book lover and even for those who work from home, are in bed or simply have home hobbies that involve spending time on the couch. This item is undoubtedly a great present for bookish people.

It is suitable for young and old, as it protects the back and reduces lumbar and cervical pain at any age. In addition, most reading backrests are designed to be easily washed, with hypoallergenic covers that can be put in the washing machine.

Best Backrest for Reading in Bed for Book Lovers

In fact, many people come to this page looking for an armchair to read in bed, and with this type of accessory to read in bed you will achieve a higher level of comfort.

If you like to read in bed and on the sofa and want to be more comfortable while you immerse yourself in books, or if you are looking for a gift for a reader, be it your partner, a friend, a family member, a special backrest to read in bed is a great idea.

How to Use Backrest for Reading in Bed

The best position to read in bed would be sitting. Therefore, if we want to read in bed, we have to provide ourselves with a backrest that offers us a position similar to the one we would adopt if we were sitting on a sofa. It is essential to place a backrest on our back, and if it is wide enough to reach our neck, much better.

But this type of backrest must be special for this purpose. The use of normal pillows to read in bed is not advisable, first of all because they do not provide us with enough support in the lumbar and cervical areas; and the second, because its composition is usually much lighter and less rigid. Reading with a crooked head can also cause contractures that lead to headaches.

Woman Reading at Bedtime Using Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

The most recommended pillows for reading in bed are those that incorporate a backrest and armrests. They are known as “rest pillows”. These pillows are made with a firm filling that provides good support to our back. The arms are low, giving us enough comfort to hold a book or magazine without straining our shoulders.

In addition, looking at the decorative plan, the rise of this type of backrest has caused various models to be designed in different colors and patterns. You are sure to find one that matches your bedroom decoration perfectly.

With this type of backrest, we will favor the posture that should always be adopted to read in bed: face up and sitting. Physiotherapists recommend placing a backrest under our knees so that the back is more relaxed and another on the belly, to place the book we are reading and avoid lowering our heads excessively.

Benefits of Reading in Bed with a Good Backrest

The advantages of reading in bed before going to sleep are numerous. First of all, it offers us better rest and improves the quality of our sleep. The act of reading before bed works as a separator between the stress of the day and our rest, causing our brain to slow down and begin to relax before going into total rest.

This habit also enhances mental health, protecting us from some of the most common problems in this area, such as depression or anxiety. Some studies even suggest that reading may prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

Reading before bed even increases our creativity, because when we sleep, what we learned during the day is processed. Reading in bed will make that content fresh in our memory and leave us with much deeper impressions.

But all this is of little use to us if it is at the cost of the poor health of our cervical. Most physiotherapists are clear that we do not know how to read in bed. Many times, we adopt harmful postures for our neck and back.

The worst postures would be leaning on one of the arms, leaving the book on the mattress; or lying down on your back, bending your neck excessively. In the long run, these positions affect the health of our muscles and bones.

An Asian Woman Reading Book in Bed Using Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

These bad postures cause the appearance, on many occasions, of low back pain, loaded shoulders and cervical and headache pain, which tend to become chronic if good habits are not adopted. Any repetitive posture, continued and that, in addition, forces the muscle to be in tension, ends up generating pain. 

To achieve a good posture that makes our reading and rest more pleasant, we must use backrests specially designed for this purpose.

Types of Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

You may find different types of backrests that differ in shape, characteristics and material. Here we briefly explain what the most popular ones consist of Wedges – support and raise the upper body and have the shape of a broad wedge on which you can rest your back to read, Backrests with Back and Arm Support – have protruding armrests on the sides of the pillow that support and comfort your back and arms while holding book at bedtime reading and Triangular Backrests – the least popular type, have a tiny tip for the head and a large bottom for the back and shoulders.


Wedge Pillow, Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

1. Relax Home Life Wedge BackrestIn today’s market, there are many options for an elevated wedge pillow. But it can be hard to know which will work for your specific needs. This product has been reviewed by hundreds of customers and researched extensively. If you’re considering buying a wedge pillow to help maintain your body’s natural alignment while sleeping, you just won’t find another product like it!

2. Howhom Bed Wedge BackrestHave you ever wondered what the best bed wedge cushion is? You’re probably not the only one. Many people have struggled with lower back pain and sleeping issues. Howhom backrest is fully supportive for your body and sleep. The memory foam is responsive to heat and pressure, so it closely conforms to the shape of any sized body, providing a soft, comforting, conforming support while going back to its original shape when not in use.

3. Cushy Form Wedge Backrest Wedge pillows are great for angles and pains in our back that make it hard to sleep. The Cushy Form Backrest Leaning Wedge Pillow allows you to be in any position that is comfortable for your back and neck. It is also great for having better circulation on the side of your stomach or arms as well. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a substitute pillow for many reasons.

4. Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Backrest Reading in bed is a favorite pastime for many people who have trouble falling asleep. A wedge pillow for reading makes it possible to comfortably prop up your feet or legs as you curl up in bed with your latest novel or book. The Kӧlbs Wedge features a classic yet contemporary design. The pillow is designed with a memory foam upper layer that makes it ideal for using as a wedge pillow for reading during the evening. The memory foam provides just the right amount of firmness to make sure you get the support you need.

5. SnugStop Bed Wedge Backrest Who doesn’t have gaps between the headboard or wall and mattress or footboard? Who wants to wake up with numb arms or a stiff neck caused by sleeping against hard surfaces? Most people want a better night’s sleep, especially if you are sharing your bed with kids, pets, or a partner. The SnugStop fills that gap so your head is not against an uncomfortable surface. Everyone at SnugStop loves this wedge. 

Backrests with Back and Arm Support

Pillows with Back and Arm Support, Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

1. Milliard Extra Large Backrest Have you ever curled up in bed or on the couch with a good story book, only to find that you weren’t getting the full comfort experience? You would probably be surprised if I told you that it’s not the book that’s boring you — it’s the pillow! Let your Milliard Extra Large Backrest do the heavy lifting while you relax and enjoy your reading time. 

2. Linenspa Shredded Foam with Neck Support Backrest This shredded foam neck pillow is perfect for anyone who likes to read or watch TV while lounging in a chair, sitting on an airplane, or on a couch. The neck cushion is easy to remove or adjust as needed and the side flaps can be tucked under your back for extra support. The fabric is soft and durable and comes in stone or navy colors.

3. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading BackrestAre you looking for the perfect reading rest pillow? Want a relaxing time for yourself and your loved ones? Our body is designed to adapt to weightlessness, but we often forget about this fact. ZOEMO ergonomic reading backrest is not only a resting tool but also a home/office decor accent when not in use as a bed rest pillow. 

4. Husband Pillow Gray Backrest with Arms Bigger and better than the rest! The Husband Pillow is one of the best backrest for reading in bed and perfect for supporting your back and maintaining proper alignment while you’re reading, resting, or lounging. If you’ve been looking for a pillow that will provide proper support and relief from pains caused by poor sleeping posture, then look no further!

5. Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Backrest Finally a comfortable pillow that allows you to read, watch TV, and even work from bed with ease. Stop slouching and getting back pain when in bed. Just read and relax with Vekkia bed reading backrest.

Triangular Backrests

Triangular Pillow, Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

1. WOWMAX Headboard Backrest Are you looking for a backrest that is not only functional but also adds a decorative element to your home decor? Are you having difficulty falling asleep at night because of the discomfort that comes from sleeping on a simple, flat mattress? WOWMAX Triangular Headboard Backrest is exactly what you need! Don’t wait – Decorate your life with something remarkable!

2. WOWMAX Support Reading Backrest Introducing the new WOWMAX reading backrest. Not only do these pillows provide excellent back and neck support for maximum comfort while reading and watching TV, but they are perfect for other miscellaneous things.

3. YXCSELL Rest Reading Backrest Are you looking for a backrest pillow that serves more than one purpose? If so, then consider the YXCSELL Rest Multi-functional Pillow. It can be placed on a bench or a chair across, and has 2 side pockets where you can place your book or smartphone while resting your back. You can use this as a table, too!

4. PEACHWELL Reading Backrest You’re looking for a way to elevate your back while reading your favorite book. You discovered that laying an ordinary pillow under your back isn’t as comfortable as you’d like and it may not provide the necessary support you need. The US made PEACHWELL reading backrest is a great solution!

5. General Soft Bed Backrest The triangular wedge cushions are adjustable in multiple comfortable positions. It adapts to the round curve of your lower back and supports your healthy posture while resting comfortably at the same time. It’s not only perfect for reading a book or watching TV, but can also help with maintaining good posture during any other activity.

How to Choose the Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

Be noted that, before buying, it is always useful that you have all the necessary information so that your selection is comfortable, useful and as suitable as possible for your purposes: a pleasant and comfortable reading. So, I always recommend, before deciding, taking a look at the following aspects:


Various Designs of Pillow, Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

Everything will depend on your preferences, but what I always advise you to do is go for those ergonomic models that offer great support and keep your back comfortable and in the correct position. If you prefer to read indoors, you can buy a backrest suitable only for indoors, but if you prefer to read and enjoy the outdoors, you can buy one whose materials withstand outdoor use. In any case, the best option will always be to buy a backrest for indoors and outdoors. That way, you will have more freedom when choosing a place to read.


Check the quality of the materials with which the product has been made, especially the padding and the cover. The padding should provide stability and comfort. It should retain its shape and correct your posture. The cover should maintain its finish despite constant use, have a soft feel, and be breathable and stain resistant.


This is essential because it will determine the durability and comfort of your backrest. The important thing is that you select one that gives you comfortable support and does not cause allergies. Some fills can be noisy, especially those that combine some types of plastics and air. If you prefer silence when reading, it is best to opt for memory foam, viscoelastic and other backrests.


Various Sizes of Pillow, Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

This is an important consideration, both for the bed and the sofa. So, you will have to look for a backrest that works in both aspects. If you are short, something wide and tall will do you good. The appropriate length and width of the backrest are very important to avoid unwanted stress on your body.


If you are one of those who spend whole hours in bed reading, this is an option that, without a doubt, you should take into account for your greatest comfort. It is important that you keep in mind that not all of them have this feature.


This is a quality of additional comfort, the most modern models even come with armrests and are amazingly comfortable. Arms are stuffed with soft materials that enhance your comfort by keeping your arms at convenient ways while reading in bed.


Pillow Cover Designs of Best Backrest for Reading in Bed

To keep it clean or make it easy to clean, this is an essential quality. It is only to remove the cover, put it in the washing machine and have a clean and fresh pillow. Evaluate if you prefer a backrest that you can remove the cover to wash it or one that you can not remove it, but whose filling is washable.

In the first case you can wash the cover separately and in the second you will need to wash the backrest and the cover together, which may require a professional cleaning service or a washing machine with a large capacity. If you tend to sweat a lot, make sure you buy a backrest whose filling is breathable and cool and whose cover dries quickly.

OCU Tests

The Organization of Consumers and Users has carried out verification on the reading backrests. Before buying one, you can check that the chosen backrest has received a good score from this organization. In this way, you will get a guarantee that it is a quality product, comfortable and fit for you.

The OCU is an independent organization that performs evaluations on all types of products under objective and laboratory conditions. Its results are reliable. If you don’t trust their written reports or find them tedious, you can also check out the product test videos they share on YouTube, you can view their reading backrest reports in the form of videos.

My Opinion

Still haven’t decided on a specific model? 

Then, I would suggest the Milliard Extra Large Bed Reading Backrest or the Husband Pillow Gray Backrest with Arms. I have been using both for several months now and they are even more comfortable than my previous pillow. 

Best Backrest for Reading in Bed Containing Neck and Armrests

I chose them because I loved the enveloping design of their backs as they gather my shoulders and neck well and relieve the tension in my cervical spine. I experienced its great benefit while I read Bible at bedtime with my child as the Bible Book is large and heavy. In addition, I can spend a lot of time reading lying on these backrests and they do not deform since the filling is thick enough to absorb pressure and remain firm. And the best thing is that they are customizable since you can remove or add more padding. 

They are also ideal backrests with arms to write on the laptop, take a nap or lie down and watch a movie. You will see that with one of these backrests you will read as a hobby, study and work more comfortably, so you will be more productive every day .

So, which one do you prefer?


What is a reading backrest for?

Reading pillows provide assistance for lengthy durations of bedtime reading. Made of materials like foam is used to provide spinal alignment and eliminate pressure points.

Are reading pillows worth it?

Reading pillows assist in correcting your back and neck. This makes it easy to relax with excellent posture, which reduces pain. Reading pillows can help with spine, neck, and shoulder pain.

Can I use the backrests to read in bed?

Many people like to read books at bedtime using various accessories like book light, book clips etc. but often ignore the importance of proper posture for reading in bed. These backrests work on any surface, but they’re most typically preferred for reading on the bed or lounging on the floor. Bed-friendly reading backrests are available. Reading in bed causes improper posture, which can cause back pain and injury. A reading backrest can prevent back, cervical, and lumbar pain.

Why buy a backrest for reading in bed online?

Online marketplace is a good source of a broad range of backrests. There are a number of websites selling quality products with warranties, return policies, and good customer service. Besides, customers can also see consumer reviews that help them to make a wise purchase decisions. So, customers feel free to choose from a wide variety of backrests. 

Is it better to buy reading pillows online or in a physical store?

We suggest online shopping rather than a physical store for the following reasons: it is more convenient, available more often, offers the best deals, provides more product information, lets you compare prices, gives you more choices, and it’s safe.


Do you still have doubts about whether you need a reading backrest?

Reading in bed can cause tension as well as back and neck pain. But don’t worry, the solution is not (and never will be) to stop reading. The solution is to use a reading backrest on the bed, sofa or anywhere in your house that you find comfortable.

So, if you are looking for a backrest to study or to spend hours reading your favorite books and discovering all the benefits of reading that you probably did not know, the selection presented in this article will help you choose a good quality one at an affordable price.

Use Backrest and Enjoy Reading. Be Bookish!!!

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