Showing How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

How to telepathically communicate with someone amazes many people. A lot of people make fun of telepathy, but it is true. Telepathy frequently happens between close friends. They often sense the other person’s feelings due to their entangled vibrations and cells. People who have been married for many years tend to experience this most frequently.

The fact is, not everyone believes in telepathy. Just because they cannot see something, they believe it does not exist. There is a reason why quantum mechanics suggests telepathy might work, as shown by its evidence. Although quantum particles aren’t logically capable of communicating, scientists have discovered that they can.

The particles in an experiment were sent in opposite directions to light’s speed. One particle exhibited a “spin” when added to another particle. Scientists do not understand this. Communication had to travel at more than twice the speed of light, since both particles were moving in opposing directions at the speed of light. It just happened somehow.


Telepathy: What is it?

Thought transmission commonly known as Telepathy is a potential to make communication with the mind without using other senses or any instruments. It is the psychic ability that allows you to experience the mind of another from afar, something that has probably happened to all of us and we call it chance.

Illustration Showing How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Precisely, what has made this form of communication think of as a “paranormal” phenomenon is the fact that the medium through which the messages are transmitted is unknown. Actually, the numerous experiments carried out in recent years could not be called ‘telepathic’, because the intermediation of a technological instrument is always necessary. Direct brain-to-brain dialogue therefore remains confined to the field of parapsychology and we leave it there.

How to Telepathically Communicate With Someone

By this time you might be curious about telepathy ability and how to do telepathically communicate with someone. You might also have some books or journals on telepathy in your bookshelves but never tried it. Let’s feel some thrill and try to test telepathy to communicate with someone. Here we will follow some steps that are segmented into different parts to telepathically communicate with someone more effectively.

Part 1: Getting Prepared

Step 1: You Can Do It

You must believe that you are capable of sending telepathic messages to others before you can learn how, otherwise it won’t work. You should avoid doubts since they drain your energy.

You Can Do It, The First Step of How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Just consider shopping online. Due to the fact that the communication was online, you could not see the person or shop. How could you be sure that the dress would exist or that your money would buy it? Even though you never had a way of being sure, you never questioned it.

Step 2: Find A Quiet Place

How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone at a Quiet Place

At first, try to calm your mind as much as you can. Find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you to start doing this. Do not let any outside sounds distract you. Shut the door if pets or children are nearby.

Step 3: Be Relaxed

Try yoga or stretching your muscles. It takes intense mental focus to try sending a telepathic message. Become mentally and physically relaxed to do so. You can learn to become focused and relaxed through regular stretching and yoga practice.

How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone While Being Calm

Prepare your muscles by stretching your arms, legs, and back before sending a telepathic message. Take a deep breath, then exhale slowly while stretching for about 20 seconds. Imagine your tension starts to leave your body as you stretch.

Step 4: Empty Your Mind

Paying Attention to Breathing is Important Step of How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Sit up straight in a comfortable position and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Breathe in and out slowly and try to clear your mind of all thoughts now. Pay attention to your breathing for a moment. Return your attention to your breathing whenever it wanders. Try not to grab, push, or explore a thought if it appears, just let it drift away. When you free yourself from negative emotions and stress, it will be easier to receive and send telepathic messages.

Step 5: Be Calm and Focused

Concentrating on One Single Thought, Vital Step of How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Now, put all your efforts into concentrating on one single thought. Do a 20-minute meditation session every day. Practicing regularly will make it easier for your mind to remain focused. When you are calm and focused, you will be able to telepathically communicate. Remember that to send and receive telepathic messages, both senders and receivers should be relaxed.

Now shut your eyes, open your mind and get ready to start.

Part 2: Send a Telepathic Message

Step 1: Imagine the Receiver

The next step is to visualize who you want to establish communication with. Imagine a vivid picture that seems to be real. You can think about talking to them in person sitting opposite you or talking over the phone for the effective delivery of the message. You can also think of it as writing an email or sending a text message to them.

Step 2: Focus on the Details of the Receiver

While technique does matter, images matter more when it comes to sending telepathic messages. Ensure your visualization is vivid, realistic and detailed. Make sure you pay attention to details like the person’s height, weight, eye color, length of hair and their posture.

Visualizing the Receiver's Vivid Image with Details is Vital to Learn How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

If you are thinking of talking to the individual face-to-face, visualize everything about them. Try to feel their scent, see their smile, and imagine their facial expression. Think of his voice. Seeing a picture of the receiver may prove useful if you are far from him.

Step 3: Feel the Communication with the Receiver

Feel the Communication with the Receiver in the Process of How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Once you’re prepared, recall your experience while interacting with the receiver. Feel the emotions, focus on your feelings and believe firmly that you are connecting with the receiver as if it is actually happening.

Step 4: Concentrate on a Single Word or Image

Concentrate on a Single Word or Image to Learn How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Stick to simple objects when you’re just getting started. Focus your mind on it completely, and visualize it in the most detail possible. Feel how it looks or how it feels when you touch it. Keep your focus purely on the object or word.

Step 5: Send Your Message

As you form an image in your head, visualize the object traveling to the receiver’s mind. Send whatever thought you’re trying to communicate by saying it and visualizing yourself face to face with the receiver. Imagine their face filled with realization as the receiver grasps your thoughts that you have transmitted.

Showing How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone by Sending Telepathic Message

Remember, focus and strain are not the same thing. Keep your mind focused but remain relaxed. Once you send the thought, let it go and stop thinking about it. Assume you have given it to the recipient and aren’t holding onto it any longer. Then, express your next thought the same way. However, you must wish them well and go back to the previous step before trying to send the message. Sending your telepathic message has been completed now.

Step 6: Write Down the Message

Writing Down Telepathic Message is Important for How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

After sending your telepathic message, wait until the receiver clearly perceives your thought. Ask the receiver to write down whatever comes to his mind. You should also write down what you have attempted to send to the receiver. By doing so you will be able to remain objective when you are comparing your results.

Step 7: Compare Results

Comparing Result, Final Step of How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

As soon as both of you are ready, you should show what you wrote to each other. Even if you don’t succeed at first, the simple law is don’t give up, just have fun. Try again using a different image when your mind is clear.

Part 3: Practice with a Partner

Step 1: Switch Up Roles

Switch Up Roles While Practicing How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Practice switching between roles and observe which one you are more successful with. You may find yourself a better receiver while your partner is more effective at sending messages.
Consider practicing with a friend or relative you trust to get better results.

Step 2: Try with Playing Cards

Practice with playing cards. Pick five cards with unique designs or symbols. Randomly pick a card while your partner is at a separate location. Now be relaxed, calm your mind and focus only on your thoughts to send the image to your partner.

Practicing How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone by Playing Cards

Relax your partner’s mind and let him feel what you’re trying to send. Ask your partner to write down the image of the card as soon as he feels an image that came to his mind. After that, compare your results.

Step 3: Practice Drawing Different Shapes

Practicing How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone by Drawing Different  Shapes

Simply draw a shape or combination of shapes, for instance, a triangle inside a square. Imagine the shape in your mind, and visualize it passing from your mind to the mind of your partner. Have him draw whatever shape comes to mind when he senses he has received the message.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

Tracking Progress While Learning How To Telepathically Communicate With Someone

Keep track of your progress. You should record details of your attempt to communicate telepathically each time. Note who sent and received the message, what the exact message transmitted was, and how successful it was. Ensure you note any promising details, even if you weren’t successful. For example, your message was “a triangle inside a square” and your partner noted down “a triangle” or “a square”, that’s actually a pretty good sign of progress!


Keep your patience while conducting this process. The ability to send telepathic messages and develop strength can take time. Perseverance is the key. Don’t give up, just keep practicing. You can use a telepathy journal to refine your skills. You can also collect and read some good books on meditation, mind reading or psychology to have a better control over your mind.

Keep practicing telepathy. Be Bookish!

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