Choices of Best Selling Comic Bible, Kingstone Bible Vs Action Bible

Kingstone Bible vs Action Bible: Which is the Best?

Kingstone Bible vs Action Bible has become a dilemma now-a-days for many people. My son and daughter just started to go to school. As this is the root time of their education, I see no other way of teaching them the values and perceptions of norms and culture of this society.

I started by giving them a blend of Bible teaching in the new and modern way. I bought them the Kingstone Bible and got access to the Action Bible. They are the same Bible but come in a different form. These books attracted my children toward the teachings and raised much enthusiasm to read and watch them.

Now comes what is Kingstone Bible and Action Bible? They are the same Bible but come in a comical manner and a comical video manner. All the incidents and actions in the Bible are depicted with great art and graphics.

Do they have the same values? Umm, not really. It depends on what purpose and how you are going to use them. That’s why here is a complete full proof guide on Kingstone Bible vs. Action Bible, which you have been searching for a while.


What are Kingstone Bible and Action Bible?

Both are the same Bible you read. But their way of presentation is different and unique. It is made so to spread the awareness and impact of the Bible in the most possible and consumable manner. These two Bible comic books are the most sold comic Bible books of all time and a must have in your bookshelf. Moreover, these are very good gifts as bedtime comic story books for your children. Just use a book light at night and color their dreams.

Kingstone Bible

The Kingstone Bible is the comical form of the graphic Bible. That means you are getting to see all the things of the Bible comically. Every character, object, scenario, adventure etc., has been portrayed with amazing graphics and art.

This is made so to increase your interest in the book. Because once you start reading it, you hardly can get out of the characters and incidents of the book. Also, this drags your mind, attention and interest towards the book more.

Kingstone Bible Trilogy, the 3-series book, contains a whole perception of the Bible. They have distributed part by part. Once you finish one series, you go to the other one and get it to read.

Confusion Arises! Kingstone Bible Vs Action Bible

Action Bible

The Action Bible is a compiled book to various answers depicted from the Bible. It was published and reshaped in 2010, mainly focusing on the arrival of the Roman empire in Israel.

Also, you are getting the history of Alexander Macedon, the evolution of the present world, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and other factors from history.

In short, it contains the history section of the Bible in a comical form that raises your interest more towards the subject. This book is available through different video platforms as well as audiobook platforms. You can just binge-watch it with your preferred language(s) narration.

Kingstone Bible vs Action Bible

Once you go through them, you ought to notice specific differences. Yes, they contain the Bible’s contents, but their aims and objectives are not the same.

So, considering their characteristics, I have put them into specific criteria. In the following you will find Kingstone Bible review as well as Action Bible review based on different aspects that will clarify your thoughts regarding which one to buy for whom.


Kingstone Bible

The Kingstone Bible depicts Christianity through its comic. Everything that happened from the age of Jesus Christ to the modern evolution, norms and practices in society have been perfectly portrayed in these Christian comics.

The restrictions, outcome of the misdeeds, and proper guidance of the religion are pointed out cinematically.

Action Bible

The Christian Bible’s retelling is mainly focused on the historical impact of various rulers and oppressors. Also, it focuses on having faith and belief in oneself for getting the pre-projected aim done in the desired manner. Besides, catholic Action Bible is also available in the marketplace.


Kingstone Bible

Sometimes, Kingstone graphic Bible goes through deep convictions and arguments, which might not suit the underaged audience to understand. That’s why the authors have recommended and set the age barrier to 18-29 years.

Between this age, the readers will surely get the importance and meaning of the Bible comics book. Nevertheless, people below that age can also read the book. If it serves, it works well.

Action Bible

The Action Bible is focused on being an excellent source for children. Audiences interested in comic books and readings can enjoy the sets thoroughly. Action study Bible NIV is a popular one among children.

Their inclusion in videos and motion graphics also raised a massive response to the crowd. Recently, different OTT platforms have started to display them for the kids.


Kingstone Bible

Kingstone Bible graphic novel has been published for a long time. Every detail of the Bible comprises the whole history in 66 books.

The art panels had to feature 10,000 in numbers and got the best thing out of it. Earlier, it was published entirely handwritten and printed. With the evolution of technology, it has been depicted through modern art and computer graphics.

Action Bible

Action Bible includes further description of the history of the Jesus period. The way evolution came, the impact people have been through it, etc., is depicted here.

So, the volume comes primarily in number, which is 215 fast-paced narratives. It has been arranged in a sequential manner and good flow of history. Anyone reading or knowing about it for the first time can quickly get into it.

Final Words

Hope the brief comparison of the Kingstone Bible vs. the Action Bible has been stated above has cleared things up and by now you have selected which one to buy. Their purpose, goal, and mission seemed different, having the same base topic.

There may be some other factors you may consider while buying one of these. However, want to know which one I would go for? 

For my children, I preferred to give them the Action Bible as it seemed livelier to them. My wife and I preferred to go through the Kingstone Bible to enrich more knowledge of the contents. 

Just use a book holder and enjoy your favorite Bible Comic Books. Be Bookish!

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