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30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Marc Reklau Book Review

Embark on a transformative journey with 30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Marc Reklau, a beacon for those seeking to break free from the shackles of stagnation. In this insightful book review, we delve into Reklau’s empowering guide, designed to revolutionize your mindset and propel you toward lasting happiness.

From conquering jobless despair to manifesting-dreams, Reklau shares a meticulously crafted set of exercises, providing readers with the tools to maximize their potential. Rooted in over twenty-five years of global philosophical exploration, “30 Days” offers a refreshing approach to self-discovery. Uncover daily tasks, compelling anecdotes, and achievable steps that promise to unlock doors to a life brimming with freedom, joy, and wealth.


30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Original Title: 30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Author: Marc Reklau

Language: English

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Publication Year: 2019

30 Days: Change Your Habit, Change Your Life by Marc Reklau Book Cover

About the Author of “30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”

Marc Reklau is an accomplished international bestselling author, renowned for his insightful works on habits and happiness. With a prolific career, he has penned 13 books, boasting an impressive total of over 800,000 copies sold worldwide. Notably, Reklau’s focus lies in illustrating the profound impact of habit transformation on life enhancement.

As a multifaceted professional, Reklau serves as a Coach and Speaker, adding depth to his repertoire. His most notable work, the #1 Amazon Bestseller “30 Days—Change Your Habits, Change Your Life,” has garnered widespread acclaim, amassing over 135,000 downloads since its release in April 2015. This transformative guide has been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Korean.

Reklau’s journey, from job loss to becoming a bestselling author (as chronicled in his second book, “Jobless to Bestseller”), underlines his commitment to empowering individuals. His overarching mission centers on equipping people with the resources and tools necessary to shape the lives they desire.

Reklau’s straightforward message emphasizes the efficacy of consistent, simple exercises in fostering lasting change, reinforcing the idea that success and happiness are achievable through the cultivation of supportive habits.

30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Marc Reklau Book Summary

“30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” by Marc Reklau offers a transformative journey into reshaping one’s life through a series of small, consistent steps.

The book challenges the belief that circumstances dictate one’s fate, emphasizing that thoughts, beliefs, and expectations shape reality. It provides practical exercises rooted in science, neuroscience, and positive psychology, encouraging readers to take control of their lives. Reklau targets those feeling powerless or stuck in repetitive cycles, urging them to break free from the patterns hindering change.

The book guides readers to improve their self-confidence, relationships, and overall well-being. Backed by real-life examples, the author’s approach encompasses falling in love with oneself, managing emotions, achieving wealth, health, and happiness.

“30 Days” serves as a dynamic tool for individuals seeking tangible results by altering their habits and unlocking their vast potential. The book challenges the status quo, urging readers to put its principles into action for a genuinely extraordinary life.

Book Review of “30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”

30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

“30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” by Marc Reklau is a commendable self-help guide, that offers practical suggestions to transform one’s life. The book presents a structured approach through micro-chapters, each focusing on a distinct theme.

With 94 concise chapters, this book is ideal for beginners embarking on their reading journey. The brevity of each chapter makes it particularly well-suited for those new to reading, and the straightforward English further enhances its accessibility for beginners.

Beginning with impactful quotes, Reklau delivers clear ideas, followed by engaging activities like goal-setting and commitments. While the advice provided may seem like common sense found in many self-help books, the strength lies in the author’s emphasis on actionable steps. The book advocates changing behavior as the catalyst for overall improvement, addressing habits related to diet, sleep, and positive surroundings.

Though the content might not introduce groundbreaking concepts, its appeal lies in encouraging readers to commit to tangible changes. The straightforward approach and motivational tone make it accessible, particularly for those seeking a practical guide to self-improvement.

While not revolutionary, “30 Days” serves a specific audience well, and Reklau’s selection of quotes adds a motivational touch. For readers ready to implement change, this book offers a roadmap to personal success.

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30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Marc Reklau emerges as a compelling guide for those seeking transformative change. With a strategic blend of daily tasks, practical anecdotes, and rooted in scientific principles, Reklau encourages readers to take charge of their lives.

This book offers a roadmap to breaking free from stagnant patterns and fostering improved self-confidence, relationships, and overall well-being. Grounded in simplicity and actionable steps, Reklau’s approach serves as a valuable resource for individuals committed to unlocking their potential and embracing a life of freedom, joy, and success.

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